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Woof-N-Whisker stylists are committed to grooming your pet with compassion, caring and skill.

We strive to make your pet's experience as comfortable and stress free as possible, while

providing them a personalized style that is sure to turn heads. Our stylist are trained in the

art of hand scissoring, carding and hand stripping. Your pet will be groomed to AKC standards

or customize a style specific to your needs and that of your pet.

Woof-N-Whisker uses a customized blend of organic shampoos, conditioners and spa treatments

tailored to each pet's specific needs.

Our salon offers complimentary consultations. This will determine what services best suit you and your pet.

Fees for service vary by size, length, thickness, coat condition and level of

grooming required. We are happy to estimate a cost prediction, then upon completion of the consultation an accurate price

will be quoted and agreed upon.

Consultations, nail trims and face trims are always welcome on a walk in basis.

Please schedule an appointment for a complete spa package.

Browse Our Service Packages


We customize a blend of organic products specific for your pet's skin and coat type. Includes a thorough shampoo and

conditioner using our "tender touch" method of bathing. After completion of bath and massage they enter a digital,

temperature controlled warm circulating air system. Frequently pets lay down and take a relaxing nap. A complete

brush out and combing will follow. Nails are trimmed, ears cleaned and deodorized. If needed, the hair in the outer

ear canal will be removed.

The Clean-up

Bath-N-Brush package with the addition of face trimming, hair between the toes, styling of feet, and sanitary trim.

Hand Stripping/Carding

Bath-N-Brush and Clean-up package. This service replaces a traditional clipper cut. The removal of undercoat by hand

plucking hair, hand stripping and carding is done prior to the bath. This maintains the coarse coats on terriers and natural

coats of some sporting breeds.


 Bath-N-Brush and Clean-up package plus a full customized haircut specific to your pet. Sometimes choosing the perfect style for your pet can seem difficult. But don't worry, our stylists are here to help. Whether it be a traditional breed specific pattern or a custom style, the sky is the limit in finding the right look for your pet. Pictures of a haircut you like are always welcome.

Puppy First Visit

Our recommendation is to introduce the salon experience to your pup as early as possible. It is our belief that the

first experience should be fun. Therefore, we suggest the clean-up package which will start them off on a lifetime of

happy salon visits.

Shed-Less Treatment

A specially formulated shampoo and conditioning treatment that helps decrease shedding by releasing the hair and undercoat. The package includes an extra 30 minutes of brushing and combing to help eliminate extra fur around your

home. Due to stimulation of the hair follicles, most continue to shed for the next 24-48 hours and then reduction of

shedding will occur.

Luxury Add-On Services

All services listed may be added to any of the packages or as an individual service.

Toothbrushing: Oral health is important for your pets overall health and happiness. All-Natural toothpaste and breath

spray will freshen their breath and help remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Paw-dicures: Nail clipping and filing of nails will help soften the sharp tips. Nail color is available to enhance your pet's

personal style.

Anal Gland Expression: External expression of anal glands. At times your pet is unable to release their glands on their

own which can result in full or clogged sacs and an uncomfortable situation for everyone. In addition, this helps

eliminate the booty scoot.

Dematting: Specially formulated shampoo and conditioner with extra brushing in order to maintain a longer coat and style.

We will determine if this process is needed and discuss options with you during your consultation.

Aromatherapy: For the anxious, shy or elderly pet. Peppermint oil and aloe vera aids in soothing tense and sore muscle and joints. Lavender oil and chamomile aids in calming, soothing and balance for a positive spa experience.

Deep Conditioning Treatment: This treatment assists in exfoliating and hydrating the skin, rebuilding and repairing the coat while adding gloss and shine.

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